Best Bachelor Party Destinations

Dominican Republic Features the Best Bachelor Party Destinations

When you chose the Dominican Republic as the destination for your bachelor party, you made a conscientious decision fueled by your desire to party among the sexiest people you’ll ever meet. Even the more laid back region of Sosua can be the perfect setting for a bachelor party with the Dominican Republic’s mix of tourists looking to have a good time and locals loving where they live. A lot goes into making the Dominican Republic among the best places to celebrate a bachelor party, from the accommodations to the parties that literally run through the evening.

So what really makes the regions of the Dominican Republic the best bachelor party destinations? To get that answer you have to look at the places you can stay, the best places to party, and the things you can do. In the end, they come together to provide you and your fellow party-goers with what you need – it’s just up to you to utilize it properly. And how do you do that? With Top Bachelor Party.

The Dominican Republic’s Best Places for a Bachelor Party

When we say “​best places for a bachelor party​,” you’re probably wondering what we mean exactly. Before you can get the most out of your time in the Dominican Republic, you have to pinpoint where you want your bachelor party to take place. The DR isn’t just one big party. There are three very popular regions that draw in the largest crowd of party-loving tourists. Each one has its perks, which you’ll be able to use to help elevate your bachelor party.

Your choices are Sosua, Punta Cana, and Santo Domingo, with Cabarete and Puerto Plata serving as extensions of Sosua. Speaking of Sosua, it may be considered laid back compared to other destinations, but it’s still capable of hosting your wild bachelor party. Punta Cana offers a diverse range of choices when it comes to so many aspects of your bachelor party, which earned it the title of Number One Tourist Destination in the Caribbean. Santo Domingo is a little more unique, with four districts that draw in the sexiest people of the Caribbean. These bachelor party destinations are your ticket to being immersed in the fun and thrills of partying in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic Bachelor Party

A Punta Cana Bachelor Party

Want to party with tourists like you? Then you may consider Punta Cana to be the ​best bachelor party destination​. There is so much about this east-DR region that attracts people from all over the world. From the all-inclusive resorts to the booming nightclubs and incredibly attractive locals, it’s like a bachelor party goldmine.

Starting with your accommodations, Punta Cana is home to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hotel Riu, and Breathless, three opulent all-inclusive resorts where everything from meals to top-shelf liquor is included in the cost. It will be hard to beat the immediate access to resort pools and DJ-hosted pool parties, but any of Punta Cana’s visitor-friendly private villas may be able to. Punta Cana is where the action is at, where you’ll be able to party like a celebrity one moment with the VIP Club Tour and zipline across the stunning landscapes of the Dominican Republic the next. You can immerse yourself in the excitement of the parties at Oro Nightclub in the Hard Rock or Pacha at Hotel Riu or you can take the party to the famed Coco Bongo club. There is no shortage of venues that will love to host your bachelor party in Punta Cana. ​

Dominican Republic Bachelor Party

The Party and Nightlife in Sosua

That’s not to say Sosua is a lame duck. Sure, it’s known for being a laid back coastal town where locals love to find a spot on the beach and lay out all day, but locals and tourists in Sosua know how to get wild and crazy. With clubs like Sosua’s most popular Classico and bars like Blue Ice, it’s no wonder people still find a way to break out of the easygoing attitude to party the night away. Though Sosua has no all-inclusive resorts, there are plenty of private villas and mansions you can shack up in that also offer all-inclusive options. They’re most appealing when you realize you can bring the party back to your place without incurring fees for visitors!

If you need to expand your party beyond Sosua, Cabarete and Puerto Plata are the next nearest party towns. If you think Sosua knows how to party, wait till you see the people that frequent Kviar Disco in Puerto Plata. It’s a wild scene that is quite a bit different from the more sophisticated atmosphere for Cabarete. With three very-different bachelor party destinations to choose from in Sosua, it could very well come down to a coin flip decision. No matter which you land on, you won’t be disappointed.

Santo Domingo nighlife

Santo Domingo: the Best Bachelor Party Destination

If you thought Punta Cana and Sosua were ripe with choices, wait until you see what this best bachelor party destination in the Dominican Republic has up its sleeve. Just as Cabarete was the sophisticated side of the north side of the DR, Santo Domingo has the same atmosphere on the southern shore. With venues like cigar lounges to host your bachelor party, you can easily feel like you’re living the high-life in Santo Domingo. Even its clubs, like Gold Dance Club and VIP Room, are lavish venues with a trendy appearance. Santo Domingo does know how to party, though, as you’ll find at Vent Lounge’s Sunday afternoon pool party!

In Santo Domingo, there are four districts – Downtown, Zona Colonial, Avenida Venezuela, and Avenida Espana. Like Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, and Sosua, these four districts have their own personalities and destinations to help elevate your party. For a refined evening, you can take your party to Zutros Steak Bar & Lounge in Avenida Espana or you can enjoy the house music of Onos Nightclub in Zona Colonial. It’s a different feel in each district, making each one the best bachelor party destination for many different parties out there.

Dominican Republic Bachelor Party

Making the Right Choice

Only you can know what the right choice is for you. Are you into a sophisticated scene or want to get wild with the sexiest tourists in the Dominican Republic? There’s a little something for everyone across Sosua, Punta Cana, and Santo Domingo – you just need to determine what rings best with you. When it comes to private rentals and your daytime activities like ATV rides and Booze Cruises, there is little variation, so much of your choice in picking the best bachelor party destination for you hinges on what you’re looking for in the local nightlife.

It’s a tough decision, but you don’t have to make it alone. Have Top Bachelor Party walk you through the perfect bachelor party for you so you can stop stressing over which destination is the best.

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